Hempcrete in Oregon

Hempcrete & Hemp Houses In Oregon


If you are looking to build a hemp house in Oregon or if you are interested in purchasing hempcrete for construction projects within the state, please contact us. Please provide us with your specific needs and we’ll schedule a free consultation call to discuss your best options. 


For those that are not yet ready to purchase and here simply to learn more about the amazing benefits of building with the hemp in your state, we welcome you!


The US hempcrete and hemp building market is still in its early stages, meaning there is limited market data / cost data specific to Oregon. As that information becomes available, we’ll update this page with specific state-level stats.


Until then, below we’ve included news and updates on the hemp houses and buildings in Oregon and how people in the state are building homes with hempcrete.  We’re also on the lookout for events in the state so that you can learn more from industry leading hemp construction companies and network with others in Oregon that share a passion for hemp, eco-friendly building and green construction.


If you have an event that you’d like us to promote, please contact us with details.



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