Hempcrete in Minnesota

Hemp Houses & Hempcrete in Minnesota


Looking to build a house made of hempcrete in the state of Minnesota? If you need additional information about the construction process or you just want to purchase hemp building materials, please contact us. Please provide us with your specific needs and we’ll reach out to discuss your best options. 


Not quite ready to build and are just here to learn more about building with hemp and the positive impact it has on our environment? Great. We welcome you. 


Specifically within the United Stated, the hempcrete / hemp building industry is considered to be still within its infant stages.  As a result, market data and associated costs specific to the state of Minnesota is limited. As that information becomes accessible, we’ll update this page for state-specific information.


Until then, please browse the news and resources below that are specific to building houses with hempcrete in Minnesota. We’ll also include information about any hemp building / sustainable material events happening in your area. Our hope is you can meet and network with others who share your passion for building a better world with hempcrete houses.


If you have an event that you’d like us to promote, please contact us with details.



Planning for the future of hemp and building with hemp in Minnesota