Hempcrete in Arizona

Hemp Houses & Hempcrete in Arizona


If you are planning to build a hempcrete house in the state of Arizona, or you’re just looking to purchase hemp building materials, please contact us. Please provide us with your specific needs and we’ll reach out to discuss your best options. 


If you’re not ready to build, and you just want to learn more about the advantages of building a house with hemp, we’re here to educate. 


The hemp building industry is still in its early phases within the USA.  Meaning, the market data and building hemp construction costs specific to the state of Arizona is limited. However, as that information becomes more readily available, this page will be updated with your state-specific information. 


For now, we’re providing news and resources related to building with hempcrete and hemp houses in Arizona.  Furthermore, we’ll include details on hemp building events in the state so that you can meet others who share the same passion for building with sustainable materials.


If you have an event that you’d like us to promote, please contact us with details.



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