Hempcrete in Colorado

Hempcrete & Hemp Houses In Colorado


If you are interested in building a hempcrete house in Colorado, or you’re looking to buy hemp building material within the state, please contact us. Please provide us with your specific needs and we’ll reach out to discuss your best options. 


If you’re not quite ready to build a hemp house and you just want to learn more about the benefits of building with the hemp, then we’re happy to educate! 


The hemp building and hempcrete house market within the USA is still in its infant stages.  This means that there is a limited amount of market data / cost data specific to Colorado. As that information becomes available, we’ll update this page with specific state-level stats.


Until then, we’ve included news and resources related to building with hempcrete and hemp houses in Colorado.  We’ll also post events happening in the state so that you can learn more from the hemp industry experts and to meet others in the state that share the interest of green building and eco-friendly hemp construction


If you have an event that you’d like us to promote, please contact us with details.



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