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We believe in the power of the plant.

A close up view of hempcrete blocks that have recently been formed and still need to dry

For many applications, hemp replaces materials that have chemicals and are harmful to our environment. When it comes to residential and commercial construction, hemp has the power to reduce carbon emissions and provide healthier living and working environments.

For every 2.5 acres of hemp grown, 10-22 tons of carbon are sequestered. That carbon can be locked into walls when building houses with hemp building materials. The end result is a better world for all inhabitants. 

As a member of The US Hemp Building Association, The National Hemp Association, and the Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance, we are collaborating with other industry leaders to build the path forward in advancing the hemp building materials industry. 

Hempcrete Direct is dedicated to providing you the highest quality materials and professional service to ensure the success of your hemp building project. As a customer, you are at the tip of the sphere in generating the awareness our industry needs. You are a trailblazer, and we look forward to being your resource every step of the way to help build a better world.

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