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Hempcrete Direct brings you high quality hempcrete materials and hemp building services to build your green dream home, office or building structure. Purchase hempcrete materials directly from our industry leading suppliers and manufacturers, or hire green construction companies with experience in building with hemp.

What is

Our environment needs greener and eco-friendly ways to protect itself and being its inhabitants, it’s our responsibility to conserve it. This thought made people come up with something innovative that can supplement traditional means of construction and is ecologically sound as well.

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How is
Hempcrete Made?

The hemp is a highly versatile plant which is used for a number of applications. It is the oldest domesticated crop and is being used to make paper, textile, ropes and cordage for thousands of years.

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Benefits of

Adoption of new, innovative and ecologically sound building techniques have always been groundbreaking and in this regard, Hempcrete is certainly not behind. This amazing and revolutionary material has opened doors to environment-friendly homes.

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Being an environment-friendly, lightweight, airtight, breathable, fire-resistant, water-resistant and

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The Unite States Needs Help With Hempcrete Certification

There are serious challenges prohibiting the hempcrete industry within the US from developing and reaching its maximum potential. Without the proper certification, manufacturers won't scale, the industry will stall, and the world-changing benefits of building with hempcrete will be limited. Learn more about certification and how you can get involved to support hemp building in the US.


Learn the facts of the next big thing in green construction.


How does hempcrete compare to other building materials?


Learn how hempcrete insulates houses and buildings.

Hempcrete in
Cold Climate 

Learn how hempcrete performs in cold weather climates.

Hempcrete Shipped Directly From Manufacturers

Hempcrete houses and buildings are rapidly gaining popularity in the market and for good reason. Whether you are a construction professional or DIY home renovator, Hempcrete Direct can ship you the hemp building materials you need for your project.